CPA Adds Dedicated Cargo Handling Facility

CPA’s new, dedicated, air cargo handling facility is ready for action. Custom designed as a convertible, multi-use cargo facility, capable of handling dry goods and cold storage. The new warehouse includes two truck docks, two build-up carousels, a certified in-floor scale, and other amenities. Cargo build-up has never been so exciting – or efficient!

CPA’s Pushback Tug: TUG GT110

Columbia Pacific Aviation prepares a pushback tug in anticipation of this year’s cargo export season. Manufactured by TUG/Textron, the GT110 is capable of safely moving fully-loaded, heavy aircraft.

Regulated Garbage Handling Authority Earned by CPA

International Flights Arriving From Nearly All Countries Now Permitted at the Grant County International Airport (KMWH).

Columbia Pacific Aviation, Inc. (CPA) has earned authorization to handle regulated garbage from international flights. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) authorized CPA to remove, handle, and transport regulated garbage from international flights arriving at the Grant County International Airport (KMWH). With CPA’s new authorization, the KMWH airport, located in Moses Lake, Washington, is able to accept flights originating from nearly any country in the world, offering a cost- and time-sensitive alternative method to dispose of their regulated garbage.

“For nearly ten years, the Grant County International Airport was limited to international flights arriving from Canada. With CPA’s new regulated garbage authorization, the airport becomes an appealing tech-stop option to the operators of international flights.”

Jeff Akridge, President of Columbia Pacific Aviation, Inc.

Plants and animals in the United States are at risk from foreign pests that may be present in foreign garbage. The U.S. CBP and the USDA work together to ensure these threats are eliminated through specific handling and destruction procedures. Special authorization to handle foreign garbage is required to ensure the health of the U.S. agricultural industry.

As a result of handling regulated garbage from international flights, CPA anticipates an increase in international air traffic, which will increase servicing aircraft, refueling, and other support activities at the airport. Attracting international air traffic will ultimately increase the services available and diversify the types of flights handled at the airport.

Columbia Pacific Aviation, Inc., based at the Grant County International Airport since its establishment in 1993, provides ground and flight services in Central Washington. CPA provides flight test support, ground handling, refueling, pilot services, flight training, and aircraft rental and management services.

CPA Welcomes Winter with a Deicing and Anti-icing Truck

CPA has added a boom-truck capable of delivering heated type I deice fluid, and type IV anti-ice fluid.

With this vehicle, CPA can provide aircraft operators with additional peace of mind by applying type IV anti-ice fluid to their aircraft to increase hold-over times during ground icing weather conditions.

CPA has always been prepared for winter with multiple methods to deliver heated type I deice fluid, and is one of just a few Eastern Washington-based FBOs with deice capability. CPA’s deice fluid can be dispensed from multiple units, with deice fluid capacities ranging from 80 gallons to 1,200 gallons. Additionally, CPA carries TKS fluid, used to eliminate ice build-up in-flight.