Airliner Storage

The Grant County International Airport is ideal for storing aircraft: environment, pavement, staffing, access, and taxes.

CPA has facilitated airliner parking for short- and long-term storage programs. CPA can provide and/or coordinate ground handling, ground support equipment, and maintenance functions.


Located between the Cascade and Rocky mountain ranges, the dry desert environment of Moses Lake, WA is exceptional for storing aircraft. With annual precipitation averaging 9″, Moses Lake is similar to the storage facilities of the South Western U.S., and is significantly drier than the Seattle area. In contrast to the desert SW, average daily temperatures are moderate; December averages 29 degrees F, while July averages 73 degrees F.


The airport encompasses more than 4600 acres, with 75 acres of hard pad available for parking aircraft.


The airport is staffed 24-hours each day with airport rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) personnel, meeting 14 CFR Part 139 requirements. Additionally, professional security personnel are available, as needed.


Direct access to SR 17 and Interstate 90 makes connecting to larger cities simple and predictable. Spokane is 98 miles East, and Seattle is 176 miles West, of Moses Lake, WA.


The tax advantages in Moses Lake, WA are similar to those in the California and Arizona deserts.

Moses Lake, WA is suitably dry, just like other aircraft storage areas located in the South Western U.S.
The average temperatures of Moses Lake, WA are more moderate than those of the desert South Western U.S.