Air Cargo and Security Screening

B747 and cargo dollies, loaded at sunset.
The last dollies, loaded at sunset.
Air Cargo Presentation

CPA has been an integral part of air cargo operations since its inception in 1993. CPA supports feeder aircraft though the heavyweight Antonov on our large, lighted and secure cargo ramp. Regardless of the size of aircraft, CPA is prepared to assist with all of your air cargo needs.

CPA is proud to be your dedicated aircraft & cargo handling agent, expeditor, line haul contractor, build/break warehousing facility etc. at the Grant County International Airport (KMWH). We have a full complement of cargo ground support equipment (GSE). We consider ourselves an extension of your operations when you work with us! 

CPA loads a Boeing 747.
CPA loads a Boeing 747.

“Whatever it takes, we’re your one-call branch office!”

Cold chain:

CPA’s cold chain video, courtesy of Washington Grown, (How Ag Moves, excerpt from season 9, episode 7 segment 5; aired February 15, 2022).
Cold storage: 15,000 square feet available.
Cold storage: 15,000 square feet available.

CPA has over 15,000 square feet of convertible warehouse/cold storage to support your dry goods or perishables prior to shipping. CPA is a key link to your cold chain … and increasing your profitability!

CPA’s dedicated cargo handling warehouse.
Exporting international air cargo. All services including handling, build up and loading, performed by CPA.

Regulated garbage:

CPA is a USDA/U.S. Customs-approved regulated (i.e. international) garbage handling agent, permitting flights to arrive directly into KMWH from nearly anywhere in the world.

Cargo Handling GSE:

  • 6K-84K DBP pushback tugs
  • FMC MDL 40 loader
  • FMC Commander 30 loader
  • FMC Commander 15 loader
  • (2) Lantis 818-180-218 H&W loaders
  • 110-ton widebody PCA units
  • Cargo tugs (8+-ea.)
  • ULD cargo dollies (80-ea.)
  • 120 & 90 kva GPUs (multiple)
  • 747 tail stanchions (multiple)
  • 4,000 to 18,000-pound forklifts (multiple)
  • 20,000-pound slave dollies
  • Crew stairs (multiple)
  • Certified cargo scales (multiple)
TUG/Textron GT110 pushback tug pushing back a loaded B747.
TUG/Textron GT110 pushback tug, pushing back a loaded B747.

CCSF – Security Screening

CPA is a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF), authorized to screen air cargo in compliance with global export requirements established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

With more than 13,000 square feet of climate-controlled floor space available, CPA’s cargo screening facilities are available for multiple uses. Although CPA primarily screens cargo prior to being loaded onto aircraft at the Grant County International Airport, CPA can also screen cargo to be transported via ground to other airport destinations. Such screening services and flexibility facilitate cargo consolidation and reduce screening delays commonly faced at busier airports.

Call (509) 762-1016 for more air cargo screening information.