FBO Services

CPA’s customer lobby.

Columbia Pacific Aviation, Inc. has been providing exceptional customer service to the Columbia Basin since 1993. Customers range from student pilots to international cargo pilots, private flights to corporate flights, and from flight tests to charter flights for internationally-recognized entertainment acts. Regardless of the customer’s purpose for the flight, CPA is committed to providing for their needs – especially to ensure their safety of flight.

Corporate shuttle services

CPA does not charge ramp, tie down, or handling fees for transient customers!

No ramp, tie down, or handling fees at CPA!

FBO Services and Amenities:

  • Aviation fuel: 100LL and contract Jet-A
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft storage: short or long-term
  • Cargo handling
  • Catering
  • Conference rooms
  • Defueling and fuel storage
  • Deice and anti-ice capabilities (Type I and Type IV)
  • Flight test support
  • Ground support equipment: GPUs (DC and AC), belt loaders, forklifts, light stands, pushback tugs, etc.
  • Hangars – heated & unheated; short & long-term
  • Limousine service
  • Oxygen/Nitrogen service
  • Pilot lounge/snooze room
  • Pre-conditioned air
  • Ramp/hard pad
  • Regulated garbage service
  • Rental vehicles
  • U.S. Customs: local office (509) 762-2667
  • Van shuttle service
  • Wifi networks (fiber optic): public and private
Conference room, with custom aircraft-art.
CPA deice/anti-ice services: Types I and IV fluids.

Aviation Fuel:

CPA offers 100LL and contract Jet-A aviation fuels. CPA’s fuel prices are always competitive, and discounts are offered for: AOPA, NBAA, and other memberships; bulk quantity purchases; and fuel contracts.

CPA’s 1000-gallon Avgas fuel truck.
Pilot lounge.