CPA – Transport Division

Columbia Pacific Aviation, Transport Division, LLC
U.S. DOT: 1723453; scac: CPFD

Columbia Pacific Aviation, Transport Division, LLC (CPA-T) operates with the sole purpose of bulk petroleum transportation – specializing in aviation grade fuels for commercial, military and civilian users. Dedicated, late-model equipment and specialized driver training ensures the highest obtainable quality control. This product dedication enables CPA-T to provide impeccable product quality control for customers and end-users.

CPA-T’s sister company, Columbia Pacific Aviation, has been serving the aviation industry since 1993 as a fixed base operator (FBO) and air carrier, providing CPA-T with the background, experience, knowledge and understanding of the critical importance of quality control, exacting customer service, and special needs of the aviation industry. CPA-T and every driver are carded and approved to operate at a variety of terminals throughout the Pacific Northwest.

CPA-T benefits:

  • Clean equipment, on-spec. fuel, and knowledgeable personnel to respectably represent each customer and their brand.
  • Excellent safety rating.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Strategically-based trucks throughout Washington State.
  • Gravity or PTO service.
  • Remote fire fighting and logging support.
  • Specialized support – flight testing.
  • U.S. DOT: 1723453.
  • scac: CPFD.
CPA-T: dedicated bulk transportation for aviation fuels.

CPA-T driver employment opportunities:

CPA-T is always in search of superb, professional drivers and reliable employees. To pursue a career with the CPA-T team, pick up or download the CPA-T application (below), complete it and return to CPA-T via:

  • In person or USPS at: 7610 Andrews St. NE, Moses Lake, WA 98837
  • Email:
  • Fax: (509) 762-6038